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Question: Book from 2010s - Orphan Boy goes to a school owned by scientists. With Android Humans disguised as students.

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Asked by unusual on Sun 16, Jul 2017 06:28pm :
Protagonists Girlfriends Name in the book is Jane, and shes an "android" 
Theres different groups of individuals like punk-rockers who work in the
cafeteria, a group who call themselves "the society" and are in charge of
security, and the last group who take of tasks such as cleaning. Theres
paintball war games involved.  Ending of the book is that the protaganist
escapes said school running through the forest with a "society" member
shooting at him with a small firearm. He finds himself at the end in a
farmers barn with a much older looking person who looks like jane. 
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Comment by squish on Mon 17, Jul 2017 03:33am:
 Variant by Robison
Wells. https://www.amazon.com/Variant-Robison-Wells/dp/0062026097
Comment by unusual on Mon 17, Jul 2017 08:31am:
Thank you so much!!


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