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Question: Kinda like Romeo and Juliet. Who killed his father with a bulldozer?

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Asked by jesala on Sun 16, Jul 2017 09:58pm :
This has been driving me crazy. I'm trying to think of a book I read in
middle school. I remember I loved it but I can't remember what it was
called. I remember it was about a girl in high school who had a crush on a
guy and she drew him. She started hanging out with him and she was
embarrassed at a party he had. His father was an owner of a construction
company and their was a conflict between the two families because the
girl's father was responsible for his father's death and he was hit by a
bulldozer. And I remember a scene when she was reading a letter from her
grandmother. It was a fiction romance and it had a picture of a red wax
seal or a scroll with a red ribbon on the front. Could you possibly help me
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