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Question: Trying to find a masked space captain and elusive heroine from the future

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Asked by sassydark on Sun 16, Jul 2017 10:19pm :
I've looked through all my book apps and can't find my masked captain . The
book is actually a series so once I have one it will be easier to find them
all. Thank you

What I remember:
A woman's been kidnapped and is one what I believe to be a freighter ship.
As she's about to be abused a masked (I think drunk) man enters and kills
the captors. By strength alone he releases her from her restraints while
he's being yelled at that the ship is about to blow. He takes her back to
his ship and has another member of the crew doctor her. He always visits
her with his mask on to protect his identity. The crew is made up of
various species/races. But his mixed blood is an issue. His attire is
famous. I vaguely remember snippets beyond that but can't remember enough
to mention. He is two different people, one respected one feared. He lives
on a secluded planet that next to no one knows about. He has protective
pets. He has a friend on a very sketchy planet. Beyond that, I can't
remember anything else.

Thank you for your time and hopefully help.
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Comment by sfreader on Sun 16, Jul 2017 11:05pm:
One of the League series by Sherrilyn Kenyon?
Comment by sassydark on Mon 17, Jul 2017 05:34pm:
Yes! Thank you!


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