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Question: Thriller - Set in 1970-1990s - Nuclear Necklace whitehouse?

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Asked by lpauling on Mon 17, Jul 2017 02:54am :
Basically I read a book I believe in 2012 but have completely forgotten its
name or author and would really like to find it. 
The opening chapters were about a group of people who were tracking a
briefcase and placed some kind of tracker on the mans trousers. They
followed him to a building but realised too late that the briefcase had
been switch and then a bomb goes off and everyone dies except the person
who becomes the main character. 
I am not 100% for the rest of the book, something involving someone with
cancer and a necklace attempting to get into the whitehouse to avoid
radiation detectors. And a sex scene in a lake in one chapter. 
If anyone has any ideas what the book was that would be helpful. It was a
fairly large book, I had a hardback copy with a blue front cover. 
I believe the book was set in 1970-1990s. 
 I would say the topic was a thriller 
Please help!!!
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