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Question: Girl sent to city to apprentice herself, becomes apprentice to a dragon

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Asked by momadadhain on Mon 17, Jul 2017 09:24am :
I read this about 2010 or so. Probably young adult novel. Girl was sent
across the water by her parents to find an apprenticeship in the city. Girl
befriends a dragon in the city who takes her on as an apprentice. At some
point they get involved in some sort of intrigue in the castle involving
some treacherous visitors before a wedding I think. I know an acting group
was involved.
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Comment by crypticc on Tue 18, Jul 2017 08:15pm:
Sounds "A Tale of Two Castles" by Gail Carson
Levine http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/9466032-a-tale-of-two-castles


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