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Question: children's book with short horror stories

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Asked by lalala675 on Fri 28, Jul 2017 06:21pm :
i read this book when i was in middle school or earlier (sometime a little
before 2013)

one story i think was called "the phantom rider" and it was about this
woman  who always rode in on a black horse.
this may or may not be another story from the phantom rider but a woman
would always show up to the school asking where her son was. she later
found out that the school had burned down years ago and her son had died
with it. once she learned this, she was at peace and was able to stop
haunting the school.

another story was of a teacher who had the child of an old childhood friend
in his class. the kid's dad (the childhood friend) had passed away a few
years back, and the kid looks just like his dad, he has the same crooked
smile. the one day the school's fire alarm was pulled, causing everyone to
evacuate the school. this made the teachers mad, and they found out that
the kid was the one who pulled the alarm. just then, a car crashed into the
classroom where all the teacher would have been standing had the fire alarm
not been pulled. the teacher asks the kid how he knew to pull the alarm,
and the kid says his father told him to do it. the teacher then looks up to
see his old friend's ghost, clear as day.
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