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Question: fantasy children's chapter book about a boy who finds an underwater portal to a different dimension

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Asked by bgrimme on Fri 28, Jul 2017 07:27pm :
My teacher read this fantasy fiction chapter book to my class when I was a
kid. I begged her to borrow it. I thought it was called alphabet soup, but
that can't be right. It was published before 1990, and probably after 1960.
I saw it about 4 years ago in a pamphlet selling books at an elementary
school, probably Scholastic. I knew it when I read the name and almost
ordered it, but money was tight. It's about a kid who goes to the beach
with his teenage sister. She was supposed to be watching her brother and
instead planned to go to the beach with friends and begrudgingly brought
him along. Something happened and the main character (the brother) is swept
away by undertow. Lost in the ocean, he finds a way to go under a barrier
and leaves into another dimension.
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