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Question: Fantasy/Horror Book/Graphic Novel about a Green Pond Witch,

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Asked by remtrex on Sat 29, Jul 2017 09:58am :
Does anyone know the name of this book, I read as a Child at school.
Extremely underrated, as it was quite scary. 
Was a British book i presume, but could be int. Around 2000-2003

The cover of the book had a green Witch, with her face almost skeletal,
eyes bulging, graphic, and very scary for a child. 

The plot was about a Girl aged around 13, heading to a pond known to be
cursed by a green water witch who eats up children affected by JEALOUSY and
Children who go near it often develop jealousy for their peers and
siblings. She goes to the pond with her friends and is somehow drawn to it,
sees the water bubbling infront of her and thinks she sees a skull and
falls in slightly only to have her male friend pull her out convincing its
only a drifted wood. She goes home, feeling slightly haunted, uneasy,
annoyed at her parents for questioning her coming home late, she also shows
resentment towards her younger 4-5 year old brother. That night he sees
images of the witch eating her up in her dreams.
 The next  few days is a fancy dress up party for her brother and Halloween
party at her friends, and She decides to dress up as the witch, as she felt
like she needed to confront her fears.
 She goes back to the pond to collect the algae, as she does the water
bubbles again, but it unaffected by it. She patches things up with her
brother and helps him with making his pirate costume, she holds him tight,
vowing to never give in to jealousy. Her mother drops her brother to his
party and then drops her off to hers dressed as the green water witch
covered in Algae. She then asks her mother if she could pick up her brother
after instead. After the halloween party she goes to pick up her brother,
finding out that he had already left with her, but to everyone's surprise
she denies ever being there. She then realises the curse and runs to to
Her brother is running towards the pond, yelling that he dropped his sword.
The girl tries to stop him but he falls in and drowns. The girl jumps in to
save her brother. The brother is pulled in deeper and deeper as skeletal
arm is pulling him deep. the girl swims in deeper and holds on to his hand
and heaves him out. She saves him. 

The pond is then blocked after this incident. A news report is reporting
the incident 

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