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Question: Children's graphic novel book

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Asked by darkblazer1 on Sun 30, Jul 2017 08:01am :
There were many plots as I''m pretty sure this was actually a series of
graphic novels following a girls life. Anyway, I remember the girl goes to
a new school and joins a group of friends (two boys and a girl I'm pretty
sure) who are considered the geek group. This gang of hers dress up as
superheros and pretends to be them and have a tree house base and they
fight/have conflict with the neighboring town Ninja gang. I know one member
of her squad was nicknamed pajama boy and he barely tAlked. At one point
their "leader" even explained to one of their teachers how super powers
work. Another time, the girl meets with her dad for the first time in
forever and trips and curses at the rock in which dad hears and ask the
girl where did she learn the word from and the girl remembers she learned
the word from hearing it from her parents and sister and teacher but
instead she says she learned it from TV so the dad banned TV and the girl
got mad and started shouting about how since the parents are divorced the
dad has no control over her graphic novel. The girl then moves and joins
the ninja gang and she continually tells her life story. She says she meets
pajama boy in a club again but at that point he went by pajama man. She
also tries ro search up the guy who was rhe leader of her super hero gang
but couldn't find him on any data bases. That's all i really remember.
Please help me, i really want to read this again but I can't
Remember the title of the series... thanks!
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