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Question: Encountered it in the late 90's- Prince with Purple eyes- Book FULL of details

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Asked by taralynb on Mon 31, Jul 2017 02:54pm :
It is a series of 3 books. The first book starts off with the High
chancellor going to an art gallery to tell the curator there of the
(successful) birth of a baby, a boy with purple eyes. The book follows the
Chancellor as he goes to the kitchen, and then visits the Queen who can now
not only have peace and quiet with her dozens of cats, but now can also
visit with her birds. She eventually gives the High Chancellor a ring off
her finger and tells him to give it to the child. 
A kitchen boy has followed him and sees this. I eventually stopped reading
but this was a BBC three or four part movie (all the books). I was
explaining this book with its ridiculous amount of details that never came
to mean anything but couldn't remember the name of it.
the curator of the art area- the art contest that allows two winners of the
yearly contest to walk around the ramparts of the castle at the full moon.
The rest of the art submitted is burned yearly. the curator displays and
keeps the winning art. No one ever visits him so when there is a knock at
the door he is surprised and astounded and rushes off. As he goes to answer
the door, he lists off various art pieces that have won.
When he gets to the door, he peers through the key hole and knows someone
is on the other side because he sees an eye which he knows is not his, his
being blue, and it being brown. (I could have mixed up which was which).
When he opens it the Chancellor tells of the birth, explains about the
unusual eyes and leaves. As far as I can tell, the curator, the museum
wing, the contest and the festival is NEVER mentioned again.
The detail for the kitchen includes the fact they are already celebrating
the birth, some of the drudges' work has not only caused them to be deaf,
but all their decendants become deaf too and so while they have no idea why
they are drinking, they've become so drunk they have passed out and have
been rolled/pushed under the kitchen prep tables to keep them out of the
way. The head cook has a trick way of drinking that sounds all but
impossible to do in real life but is often asked to demonstrate it.
Again, to my knowledge none of this is ever visited upon later other than
the kitchen boy, I think eventually is brought up to the Prince's only
friend. But never does the book go back the kitchen, nor the deaf workers,
and we never see the trick drinking method of the head cook again.
The Queen loves cats and birds but because of her pregnancy was not allowed
to see her birds, now that she gave birth to an heir, she has opened her
windows, and now birds and bird poop covers the bed, and the cats are
hoping to eat the birds. 

Please help me remember this series. Than you.
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Comment by mottsnave on Mon 31, Jul 2017 04:13pm:
This sounds like the Gormenghast series by Mervyn Peake. You can read a
summary of the first book, Titus Groan, here:
Comment by taralynb on Mon 31, Jul 2017 04:53pm:
Yes, that was it! Thank you. 


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