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This question was answered on Sat 12, Aug 2017 01:20am by pdesr

Question: ANSWERED (Read in the 90's) Boy given ability to wish to be anyone specific

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Asked by its_jahmezz on Tue 01, Aug 2017 12:44pm :
Iím trying to remember a book from my early teenage years and I really hope
I am not merging two books into two. I would have read this book between
the years of 1993 - 1997
This is what I remember about the book:
POSSIBLY A DIFFERENT BOOK: I seem to remember there was a boy (I believe he
was teenage) who went to a zoo or circus and there was some kind of riot or
stampede (or fire of some kind). I donít remember why but I remember the
boy spoke (either verbally or telepathically) with an elephant (or another
animal, but I believe it was an elephant). 
The animal he spoke to (or SOMEHOW) gave him a special ability to wish to
be anyone he wanted. 
WHAT I KNOW IS THE BOOK: The stipulation I believe about him making the
wish was he had to wish to be someone specific. So he couldnít just say I
want to be a basketball player, but ďI wish I was Michael JordanĒ. He would
then stay who he was, but would gain all the memories and talents of said
person. So he remains a teenage boy, but then can play basketball with the
ability of Michael Jordan. I donít remember him becoming Michael Jordan,
Iím giving an example
I remember him wishing to be a pianist and he was at a shopping mall and
played the piano in the middle of the mall.
Then I remember him getting captured somehow. The captors had a vicious dog
that cold respond to three commands to attack. The boy wished himself to be
the owner of the dog so he could learn the commands.
Other than that I donít remember much, but I really hope this is helpful.
ALSO, Iím 90% sure the zoo and elephant thing is the beginning of the book,
but if not everything else is accurate as far as how to wish.
Ring any bells?
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Answer by pdesr on Sat 12, Aug 2017 01:20am:
"The Amazing Power of Ashur Fine" by Donald Sobol. I remember in one part
he wishes to be "joe Louis" and beats up a spy who attacked him.

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Comment by its_jahmezz on Tue 01, Aug 2017 02:27pm:
That's it!! You're awesome! TY!


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