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Question: Women taken to magical land after finding necklace in thrift store.

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Asked by the1nessy on Wed 02, Aug 2017 05:19am :
A women finds a necklace is a thrift store and puts it on. A mysterious man
with long hair shows up and takes her to his world. They travel across
deserts. There is a rainbow waterfall in a cave that they bath in. The
clothes are magical, stay clean and don't wear out. The man has a magic
pocket in his cloak that hold all they're possessions. The use scented oils
for bathing. She accidentally washed his hair with her flowery smelling oil
instead of his manly oil because she didn't know they were custom made for
the individual.        I believe this book was sci-fiction, fantasy,
romance novel. It was paperback and I read it in the early 2000's. 
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