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Question: Girl learns that her imaginary friends are real and that she is a dragon

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Asked by janericciardi on Wed 02, Aug 2017 06:28am :
A year or two ago, I saw this book advertised on my Kindle PaperWhite prior
to logging in. When I went to buy it, my Kindle crashed. :-O  While I don't
remember the title, I do remember a little of the description:

A young girl/lady is visited by her late parents' friend (possibly
lawyer??) and discovers that her imaginary friends from her childhood
aren't so imaginary after all and that she is descended from dragons.

The cover may or may not have a picture of the girl in the lower right
corner. The shadow she casts flows into the upper left corner and the
outline is of a dragon.

I have spent many hours on Amazon trying to figure out what this book is.
I've discovered other fabulous books this way, but my original quest

Many thanks for any help y'all might be able to provide!
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