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This question was answered on Sat 12, Aug 2017 01:19am by amandapanda01

Question: SOLVED! PARIS PAN TAKES THE DARE book from 2000's - 2010's w/ asian protagonist moving to creepy house and dealing with dolls

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Asked by amandapanda01 on Mon 07, Aug 2017 10:56am :
i read a book when i was in about 5th grade about this asian girl who moved
to a new small town and there is a theme of creepy dolls. she has an elder
brother and sister named athens and paris, so i expect her name to be a a
city as well. she had a dog, and also lived on a hill and visited this boy
from her class that liked her in a convenience store. the area behind her
house was just solid woods and the previous owners had died there. the main
plot point was these creepy dolls that she had found in the woods that she
thought were haunted. her dad got really sick at one point in the story.
please help? 
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Answer by amandapanda01 on Sat 12, Aug 2017 01:19am:
it was paris pan takes the dare lmao

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