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This question was answered on Sat 12, Aug 2017 03:43pm by mottsnave

Question: ANSWERED Book from no later than 1993- Mystery Man visits a farm, and when he leaves, half the farm's trees are in autumn colors

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Asked by ahhhcredence on Mon 07, Aug 2017 10:59am :
I first encountered this book when I was in 2nd grade.

A man shows up at a farm (maybe in the Midwest). He's pretty quiet, and
maybe he doesn't talk at all. At one point, he plucks a green leaf off of a
tree and blows on it until it turns to a fall color. He leaves at the end
of the book, and half the farm is still in spring/summer colors, but the
other half looks like it is experiencing fall.

As it was a children's book, there are lots of pictures, including one of
the man being very wide-eyed.
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Answer by mottsnave on Sat 12, Aug 2017 03:43pm:
This is definitely The Stranger, by Chris Van Allsburg. A mysterious man is
hit by a car on a rural road and loses his memory. As the farm family takes
care of him, he slowly starts noticing that his presence has stopped the
passage of seasons at the farm, but he does have the power to make the
seasons change. You can see a reprodution of the cover on the author's
website here:

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Comment by ahhhcredence on Tue 08, Aug 2017 05:07am:
The Stranger is it!


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