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Question: Book with a house that is sinking and a lost brother has been trapped in the basement for years

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Asked by mell8 on Mon 07, Aug 2017 02:54pm :
I don't remember much about this book.  I think it's part of a series, but
I'm not sure.  What I do remember is the main character or the main
character's family lived in a very distinct house.  The house was slowly
sinking and every few generations they would simply build a new floor to
compensate for the one that had sunk below ground.  There are so many
"basement" floors with items that have been lost and forgotten that it
isn't safe to go too far below ground.  

At some point in the main character's past, one of her siblings went too
far and vanished in the basement.  I feel like it was one of her twin
brothers: the evil twin trapped the good twin in some sort of item and then
the evil twin proceeded to live the good twin's life.  The main character
slowly begins to realize this and has to work to free her sibling.  
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