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Question: A boy is running away from bullies and falls into a portal in a abandon house that takes him to a new world.

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Asked by tbullie on Tue 08, Aug 2017 05:07am :
A book from 2000-2010. A boy was coming home on his bike from his class
where he was learning a new language or origami. can't remember. on the way
a group of kids were starting to bully him and he ran away into this
abandon house. once he went upstairs and had no where to run he slipped and
fell into a unknown portal. this lead him to a new world where he found and
met a girl who was a cyclops cat. his whole goal was to get back home but
ends up on a mission/race against a bad guy to get gems that power up the
magic sword the boy has. The boy make another friend too but i can't
remember his description.
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