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Question: Book about Cupid and psyche.

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Asked by vunnynutt on Tue 08, Aug 2017 07:00pm :
I believe the title is "The Gods lover" but I don't know the author and
when I look it up I can't find it. Its narrated focusing on the girl,I
don't know for sure if her name is psyche in the book. It describes her
putting mud and dirt in her hair and face in an attempt to look uglier
because her step sister's were jealous of her beauty. I think it was
Aphrodite who also got jealous and sent her son to kill her but when he saw
her he fell in love and told an Oracle to tell her father that if he didn't
send his daughter to the cliff to marry a dragon then the village would be
destroyed or something. They end up loving each other and he goes to zues
and begs that he turn her into a god the same way he did with his son
hercules. And I think he did. I would know the cover of I saw it but I
can't seem to find it anywhere.
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