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Question: A book read as a class novel, 6th grade . The world doesn't have enough food and stuff for everyone and every family is only allowed to have 2 kids, any more are executed.

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Asked by thebookiestworm on Tue 08, Aug 2017 07:36pm :
Its about how the world is low on food or what not and familys are only
allowed to have 2 kids, and if they have a third one they get killed and
anyways theres a family that owns a farm in the middle of no where but has
like close neighbors. Well he's not allowed to go outside and he lives in
the attic but he ends up sneaking outhe in the first book. As the series
goes on he ends up going to a school for boys and has a secret identity and
they call him an exile and stuff, then he finds a way out the school and
theres a huge field that he enjoys going to, and well it turns out a girl
school is across the field and he see a group of girls that sneak out and
the nieghbors daughter is in the group.
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Comment by sallievern on Wed 09, Aug 2017 03:43am:
"Among the Hidden" (First book of The Shadow Children series) by
Margaret Peterson Haddix "Overpopulation has occurred. Because of this
there is very little food and all of it is monitored by the government.
Due to this shortage, the democratic republic has been replaced with a
totalitarian government that enforces heavy control over the population,
particularly reproduction. They outlaw anyone to have more than two
children. Luke Garner, a twelve-year-old child, lives on a farm with
his mother, father, and two brothers, Matthew and Mark. As a third
child, Luke and his parents are in violation of the law. Luke, like all
third children, must spend his days hidden or away from public view.
When the government starts building houses in the woods behind the
Garners' house, Luke is forced to hide inside his house, in total
isolation from the outside world. In the beginning of the story, Luke is
quite scared of being caught by the Population Police. But toward the
end of the story, he becomes more brave and faces his fears about the
Population Police. Luke Garner used to go outside because nobody
lived nearby and he was hidden because of the woods. But the government
forced Luke's Family to sell the woods so people could live there, most
of whom were barons, who were extremely rich people in the future. So
Luke lost the freedom to go outside and was not even allowed to eat on
the same table with his family anymore. His parents sealed all the
things he could use to look outside except the


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