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This question was answered on Sat 12, Aug 2017 01:18am by sallievern

Question: answered! Book from early 90s set in Canada (almost positive) involving boys from on a summer trip driving in bus they call the ambulance

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Asked by geekami on Tue 08, Aug 2017 09:22pm :
Two teenagers become counselors for a summer program involving kids driving
around. The boys in the program are all a little different, one I believe
was obsessed with reptiles (maybe bugs) and the oddest kid carried around a
briefcase. The group pick out their van last and up stuck with a white bus
that they paint like an ambulance. Series of funny things happen and I know
the kid with the briefcase ends up being either a bookie or hustler and
makes a ton of money off other kids on the trip. 99% sure it's set in
Canada. May have been part of a series. Probably something i flounder at a
Scholastic book fair. 
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Answer by sallievern on Sat 12, Aug 2017 01:18am:
"No Coins Please" by Gordon Korman
"The story is about two teenagers who have taken a summer job as counselors
to chaperone a group of boys in a road trip around the United States (which
sounds like a great idea, if it existed in real life). One of the boys is
Artie, who has a talent for making money at whatever he does. Artie's ideas
always seem crazy, if not downright dishonest, at first. But the people who
pay him never seem to mind. Whether he is selling boxes of "Attack Jelly"
on the streets of New York, or starting a 'no frills' milk store in
Nebraska (he supplies the cows, the patrons need to milk them themselves),
or turning an old factory into a night club. Before the reader knows it,
Artie is taking in money hand over fist, and his bewildered counselors
aren't sure whether they should be worried or not."

"Juniortours is an outfit that tours children around America during the
summer months. When Group Ambulance's Artie Geller, a precocious
11-year-old con artist from Montreal signs on, Rob and Dennis find they
have more than the usual summer job on their hands. From the streets of New
York City to the casinos of Las Vegas, Artie proves as slippery as ever.

First Scheme - New York City, NY. Artie sells grape jelly for $10 a jar
under the title "Attack Jelly". Makes his first fortune",_Please#Plot

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Comment by geekami on Wed 09, Aug 2017 05:40am:
Thanks for the quick response! Thats exactly right. 


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