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Question: Children's book from the 90's- small animal gives away eyesight?

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Asked by meg14 on Wed 09, Aug 2017 08:40am :
I don't remember much but I believe there is a small animal that gives away
possibly feet, or wings or other things throughout the book and ends with
giving away his eyesight. Possibly a bird is involved? I must have run into
it during the 90s or early 2000s.
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Comment by sallievern on Wed 09, Aug 2017 02:30pm:
"The Story of Jumping Mouse" by John Steptoe
"...Going on, he comes
across a dying, blind bison--to whom he gives his sight. He comes across
a helpless, unsniffing wolf--to whom he gives his sense of smell. At
last, having reached the far-off land, he weeps (that piteous, blind
visage filling the page): "I feel the earth beneath my paws. I hear the
wind rustling leaves on the trees. . . but I'll never be as I was. How
will I ever manage?" Magic Frog appears, praises him, tells him to "Jump
high"--and, by gosh (but not without further words), we see him outlined
against the bright sky. . . and, overleaf, the bright-eyed,
fierce-beaked head of an eagle. Think of it perhaps as a demonstration
of art's transforming power, the weaknesses of the tale (and the
not-withstanding." "The
story of a kind-hearted, curious mouse who gives his own eyes to other
creatures so that they might be healed of various ailments. As a reward
for the mouse's unselfish actions, a magical frog turns him into a
Comment by bookel on Sat 12, Aug 2017 03:45pm:
Is that your book?


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