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Question: Sort of medieval times - Boy gets taken from orphanage and taught to act like missing, presumed dead prince because royal family all died. Turns out he really is the prince, and proves it by rolling a coin through his fingers.

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Asked by lukestuke on Wed 09, Aug 2017 09:55am :
I don't remember any character names, sadly. The very troublesome young
prince was sent away to a kind of correctional facility, but on the way,
his ship was attacked by pirates, and everyone aboard died. The prince
survived and was sent to an orphanage by his dad, but no one knew he had
lived, therefore he was presumed dead. A duke hungry for power came to the
orphanage looking for kids that might pass as the missing prince, because
the royal family had been murdered and someone needed to run the country.
The prince, being incognito, had to go through with the scheming Duke.
Eventually, the prince makes it in front of the royal court, and pulls
aside one of the members and convinced him that he was the real prince. The
end. But I do remember that there is a sequel where he goes undercover at
the pirate's headquarters and finds out that his dad ordered the pirates to
attack the ship taking the prince to the corrections facility.
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Comment by squish on Thu 10, Aug 2017 01:16am:
Sounds like The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen.


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