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Question: Murder Mystery

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Asked by zachitaa on Wed 09, Aug 2017 11:06am :
It was a murder mystery book set in England with a child killer who ends up
being a child himself. The son who's the main character in the book is
frienfs with the killer but he doesn't know it. He stays at home late at
night by himself because his father works late and a woman police officer
helps him and visits him a lot. The kid who is the killer would kill the
young children and lay their bodies out in the fetal position so they seem
innocent and have the image of a child even in death. One of the boys was
found on the side of the river bank. The killer at the time found the
Protagonist on a chat site one night and sent him a pizza. There was a
website set up for the killer explaining when kids would die etc. At the
end of the book the protagonist kid meets up with the killer in a building
and the woman officer is rushing to get there in time to save him. 
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