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Question: Read it last year - young wife older husband house into house in side of mountain and get hallucinations

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Asked by hazellawrie on Wed 09, Aug 2017 06:18pm :
All I can remember was that the book cover was red, the young woman
suffered from mental health issues but he loved her regardless.
Doors in house facing the mountain were kept locked but when she went in,
she discovered a second version of herself as well as her husband and his
He was killed by hornets, and the 'second version' of him replaced the dead
one so she thought it was a hallucination. 
In the end, she did some research on the house and discovered it had been
built for a man and his wife who was very sensitive to light, so the dark
side of the house was for her.
In the end, she set the mourning woman who lived in the dark side free and
then burned it down.
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