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Question: read this book in early 2000's. About a young man that was in training to play some kind of war game with only the very tips of his fingers

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Asked by jmagee1430 on Wed 09, Aug 2017 07:59pm :
I think the boy was a teenager. Seems like it was real bad times. I
remember him running around some track every day in some kind of huge place
inside where he lived. He was training to play some kind of computer game
that apparantly took a lot of energy, and he had to get within mm of the
objects he was moving but could not actually touch them. It was some kind
of warfare game and involved a lot of strategy. That's about all I can
remember but it might help that I remember a little about the second book.
Same guy got out of wherever he was at and was on an island I believe.
There was a clone of himself on the island that was taunting him I believe.
Also a girl. For some reason I want to say they kept plAying tennis or
something. I've been trying to find these books for a while. Please help.
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Comment by squish on Thu 10, Aug 2017 01:18am:
Virtual War by Gloria


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