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Question: Read in late 80's early 90's. Princess goes on quest with court jester

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Asked by whogirl on Wed 09, Aug 2017 09:42pm :
Her mother was a queen that was also a wood witch who took her magic from
nature. Her father the king has already taken a mistress.  After mother
died , she goes on a quest with the ugly court jester that she falls in
love with. 
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Comment by steve on Fri 11, Aug 2017 03:45am:
Witchdame, (1985, Kathleen Sky; Berkley, 0-425-07449-8, $2.95,
323pp, pb) Cover: Don Meitz I can't seem to find a good blurb for
you- Amazon is speaking spanish to me this morning. But I'm
sure. From a response on another site ". . .looks like this there
were four archangels Michael was the most involved, Raphael showed up,
Uriel I think loved to gamble she won back a ring from him betting on
dice, the lastt one I don't remember. The Princess went on a trip to the
four corners of the kingdom to rebalance (?) renew (?) the
magical/divine powers along with the jester and the court magician (who
turned out to be her gaurdian angel, heaven didn't really miss him) who
wasn't very competent. " Good Hunting, steve
Comment by whogirl on Fri 11, Aug 2017 06:28am:
Thank  you so much. 


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