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Question: I read a book in 2009 - about a girl's life, where it keeps changes from past to present tense.

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Asked by imhadesbitch on Wed 09, Aug 2017 11:36pm :
Hi, I read a book back in 2009. Its a bout a girl

Its starts off with her and her sister. They go to a party, then decide to
go home but, three guys end up kidnapping the girls and taking them  to a
deserted area, and they abuse her sister. Her sister dies that night.

Every new chapter changes from her past tense, to present tense. 

She befriends a girl - I am pretty sure is called Alice. 

Alice turns out to be crazy and the little sister to one of the guys who
abused her sister years ago.

At the end of the story so present tense, Alice runs into the ocean, and
the woman's husband runs in after her to try and save Alice. But they both

And she also has a daughter. 

And the cover had broken glass on it. 
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