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Question: Book about a woman whos father dies and has to move house, its set in the 19th centuary

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Asked by snowdrop0901 on Thu 10, Aug 2017 08:55am :
Im looking for a book for my mum, she read it awhile ago and cant remember
the title.

Its set some time in the 19th centuary. Its told from this womans point of
view. Her and her father are going to hear some talk(mum says its a talk by
Charles darwin but shes not sure) and they are walking to the talk in the
rain, mum says their is alot of description about the rain and how wet they
get. Because if the rain the womans father ends up getting ill and he ends
up dead. Because the woman doesnt have enough money to keep living in the
house she ends up having to move out.

And thats just at the begining of the book and my mum cant remember
anything else.
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