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Question: Read this book around 2010- four girls who don't like each other go on adventures and there's lots of potatoes involved.

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Asked by icecode8 on Thu 10, Aug 2017 12:06pm :
I read this book when I was younger. It's very macabre for a children's
story. It is also a bit reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. I remember it
being very thick. 
There were four girls who weren't friends, and might have even hated each
I remember piano lessons being involved (or maybe violin) towards the
beginning of the story. I think the instructor was creepy? I believe it was
one of the four main girls that took piano lessons.
There was a scene (after the girls had gone away from the place they lived)
where they entered a room full of potatoes. (There are a lot of potatoes
involved in the story) the eyes of the potatoes became actual eyes and
followed the girls.
There may have been some witch-like antagonists.
By the end of the book I believe the girls become friends. 
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Comment by sallievern on Thu 10, Aug 2017 01:03pm:
"The Secret Order of the Gumm Street Girls" by Elise Primavera
"At the
beginning of the novel, former beauty queen Pearl Diamond and her
daughter, Ivy, move into #5 Gumm, a house left to them by their deceased
relative Aunt V. Their neighbor, Mr. Staccato, offers to give Ivy piano
lessons, and Ivy accepts the offer. While moving in, Ivy befriends her
neighbor, Franny. Ivy and Franny discover a letter tucked into a
portrait of Aunt V, claiming that she faked her death to avoid a run-in
with taxes. Pearl excuses it as simply Aunt V losing her marbles and Ivy
discards the letter. Ivy quickly learns the social situation on Gumm
Street. Franny, Pru, and Cat all dislike one another for various
reasons, with Pru and Cat in particular being rivals. As the novel
progresses, Ivy maintains a shaky friendship with Franny, compromised by
her attempts at befriending the other girls. When Ivy goes to Mr.
Staccato’s house at # 7 Gumm Street for her first lesson, she’s greeted
by the strangely human terriers, Fred and Ginger. She also sees the
glamorous Ruby-Red slippers from the MGM film, The Wizard of Oz. During
the lesson, Ivy learns about Mr. Staccato’s past and his involvement in
The Wizard of Oz film. She also discovers that Mr. Staccato’s house is
the only place she feels safe from her Jinx, and makes an arrangement
with Mr. Staccato to clean his house in exchange for free piano


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