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Question: 2015 FICTION Stockholm-syndrome book

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Asked by zanna on Thu 10, Aug 2017 07:24pm :
May have purchased this in Dollar tree. Books begins with a woman hiding in
a safe house with her husband, FBI barges in and they arrest her husband,
he yells "Say Nothing."

Book flips back and forth from when she was a child/teen in a child
slave/child bride compound-- kidnapped at 6 y/o from a park. She falls in
love with the ring leader's son and they "marry." She unwittingly becomes
the groomer for all the girls brought to them, who are later sold as child
brides. In the present day, she is held in a prison or
Some such, and refuses to cooperate with authorities, she 
Wont speak against her husband because she doesn't know she was ever
kidnapped. Her name might've been Diana.
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