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Question: Title- the kiss. White cover with pink hearts or kisses. Modern day. Girl gets "Aphrodite's kiss" from boy in France. Back home she passes it onto her new bf. Gets zipper with the insides visible painted on her back.

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Asked by foxmint on Fri 11, Aug 2017 04:49pm :
Who is the author?
Title- The Kiss
Cover- white with pink hearts or kisses
Bought in 2014-2016?price- less than 10
Modern day
Girl goes on holiday to France and kisses boy there, loses her phone(and
his phone number)on the beach. Comes back home and goes to the club with
friend.She likes the bar tender and later on they start dating.
She goes to a body art place and people paint the zipper with her insides
visible on her back.
There is a play and she decides to paint everyone into zombies(or something
like that)
Her friend gets taken to hospital because she got drug from a guy called
The bar tender admits that he and studds did a hit and run in the past and
the man died.
While in the hospital girl finds out that the man didn't die. I don't
remember the end.
What is the name of the author?    
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Comment by squish on Fri 11, Aug 2017 09:27pm:
The Kiss by Lucy Courtenay
Comment by foxmint on Sat 12, Aug 2017 08:24am:
Ye thats it thx


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