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Question: 90s or 80s, probably Aussie female author. Lonely kid hanging out at a tip attracts attention of a rich lady in an expensive car, with supernatural twist.

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Asked by cukiyoko on Fri 11, Aug 2017 08:50pm :
I read it as a kid in Australia in the 90's, and feel like it could be a
Robin Klein or Gillian Rubinstein book, but nothing matches up. If it's not
Aussie, then it's probably UK.

Story goes: a young teen kid (not sure if male or female) hangs around
alone at either at tip, or a dumping ground, or under a bridge - somewhere
insalubrious. They may have lost their only friend, I seem to recall that
missing kids were foreshadowed.

Anyway, they notice they are being regularly watched by a lady in an
expensive car. Eventually, the lady gives little presents and then asks if
the kid will help her.

I am not sure now if I am mixing up two books, but I *think* it goes
supernatural and turns out the woman has been sending other kids to another
dimension/world to retrieve some sort of object/relic. Or perhaps she's
just been doing the old draining kids souls for immortality routine and the
kid has to escape.

The only part I am 100% sure about is the lady in the expensive car, the
lonely kid hanging out alone and the supernatural twist, of which 'the
escape' forms the second act of the story.

And the fact it was around in school libraries in the 90's in Australia.
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