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Question: B-movie humorous teen book set in fantasy film based world. 80s

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Asked by raphowl on Sat 12, Aug 2017 12:05am :
Trying to remember a series of books set in a fantasy world in B movies.
Think there was a hero and a heroine called Delores who he was rescuing
from different B movie themed worlds, sci fi, horror etc rescuing her from
villains. Pretty sure it was a US series of books read in the early 80s. 
Any help appreciated. Thanks. 
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Comment by mottsnave on Mon 14, Aug 2017 06:41am:
This is a very long shot, because it doesn't match everything, but as a
kid in the 80s, I remember being bemused by a picture-book novelization
of the animated fantasy movie Twice Upon a Time. Two of the side
characters are Rod Rescueman, a typical b-movie style hero, and Flora
Fauna, a typical b-movie style damsel in distress, who has been working
as a screamer in a nightmare factory, where she's in all sorts of
b-movie scenarios. You can find a detailed description of the movie plot
Comment by rocambole on Thu 17, Aug 2017 01:21pm:
Craig Shaw Gardner's Cineverse Cycle


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