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Question: a childhood book about dinosaurs and opposites with flaps that open (NOT POP-UP BOOK!)

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Asked by jacobc on Fri 25, Aug 2017 11:08am :
I remember a picture book from when I was young. it was all about
dinosaurs. it said things like some ate plants and some ate meat, they
didn't go too far into detail. and it had flaps that would open to reveal
the opposite of the dinosaur they were talking about in the first place,
like one page had at first a yellow triceratops fighting a purple t rex,
and when you flipped the flap the tips of the two horns on the Triceratops
became two tips of the tail spikes of a stegosaurus. I really want to show
this book to my kids if I ever get the chance so does anyone else remember
this book?
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