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Question: Book Series Featuring Raggedy Ann and Andy

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Asked by robinirish on Sat 26, Aug 2017 11:24am :
I read a series of books in 1978 or 1979 that featured Raggedy Ann and Andy
as the main characters. They went on adventures in a magical kingdom, and I
believe their friends were woodland creatures who could talk. Kind of like
The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, but not as violent. I seem to remember
a bear featuring prominently in one of them. I got them from the elementary
school library. They were hard cover books, and I don't believe they were
short stories. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
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Comment by sallievern on Sat 26, Aug 2017 01:59pm:
Raggedy Ann and Andy series by Johnny
Gruelle "Raggedy
Ann in Cookieland" published in 1931 "When Raggedy Ann and Andy fall
down a deep hole, they find themselves in a magical world called Cookie
Land. There they meet Little Weakie, Hookie-the-Goblin, and Mr. and Mrs.
Cookie and their two cookie children. It's the Cookie family who award
bravery medals to the Raggedys after they save them from one of Hookie's
attacks..." "Raggedy
Ann and Andy and the Camel With the Wrinkled Knees" "The Beautiful
French doll Babette has been kidnapped by pirates and it's up to a
Raggedy Ann and Andy to rescue her. After taking a magical balloon ride
to Fairyland, Raggedy Ann and Andy meet a most unusual doll -- a soft
flannel Camel with wrinkled knees. Stolen from his own nursery years
earlier, the Camel Joins Raggedy Ann and Andy in their search for
Comment by robinirish on Tue 29, Aug 2017 11:03am:
Oh my gosh, I am literally about to cry I'm so happy! I have been
looking for these books for 20 years, and I never thought I would find
them. I cannot thank you enough for this!


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