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Question: Mills & boon or harlequin romance book between 1970's to yr 2000-Heroine nick name is Mirry as she was adopted child after having 6 or 7 boys

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Asked by bicky on Thu 31, Aug 2017 03:25am :
I am searching for a romance novel by harlequin/ Mills & boon where the
Heroine's nick name is Mirry (miracle baby). She is called that because She
was left in a basket at the doorstep of the couple who already had many
sons around 6 or 7 with no girl child.
She was born/found on friday hence considered a friday's child who is
loving & giving. She has curly red hair.
The story is based in England I believe.
The hero comes from america & dosen't have a good relation with his mother.
He comes to buy a house near where the heroine lives. Her father is the
estate agent(i think). This is where the Hero (dark haired) falls for the
Heroine & later on marrys her.
I don't remember the whole plot but I remember the ending- The heroine is
pregnant & the hero thinks it will be a Boy as all her siblings are
boys(stupid logic), he dosen't know she is adopted. Later when he does he
confesses that he loves her & dosen't care for the gender of the child. 
If anyone knows the name of the book & author please let me know, I have
been searching for this book for along time.
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Comment by bicky on Thu 31, Aug 2017 03:56am:
Hi all,
I just found the book it's 'Friday's child' by stephanie


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