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Question: Historical fiction- A girl named Jesse was the youngest child and was the maid of the family. An Irish/Scot bought her from her father to be married. His friend also picked jamie's older sister to marry her.

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Asked by wnhhsv on Thu 31, Aug 2017 11:23am :
Jamie fell in love with the guy. The sister had troubles with her husband.
Jamie's husband was married. There was a child whom they were fond of. A
little girl. Author was PROBABLY linda howard but I'm not sure. 
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Comment by twhichard on Mon 11, Sep 2017 03:44pm:
The book is "The Bride" by Julie Garwood.  This is the first of two
involving this family. The second book is "The Wedding" and includes
Jamie, Alec and the kids. Hope this helps.


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