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Question: Book from ~2012 - Boy whose family has inheritable trait that allows them to disappear when they lose concentration

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Asked by mb55177 on Mon 11, Sep 2017 05:00pm :
Boy in class, frequently loses concentration. One time he looks off into
the distance at a bird flying, and just loses concentration/focus on the
lesson. His teacher/Classmates notice that either he has totally
dissappeared or has faded out and looks faint.
He gets a talking to from his dad?? (dad possibly dead), and apparently his
family has an inheritable trait in which they can dissappear/fade out when
the lose focus or focus on something small really far away from them.
The boy gets told that there are these clocks/watches which enable him to
drift off to another world when he has them or holds them. Some of these
'worlds' are more third world/medival and (his father?) went to one of them
and died.
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