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This question was answered on Sun 17, Sep 2017 03:54pm by sallievern

Question: 80's Parents warn not to give him money on trip, he gets some and starts money schemes

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Asked by mjavenger on Mon 11, Sep 2017 08:21pm :
Trying to remember the name of a book I read in 4th or 5th grade in '86 or
'87.  A kid is going on a trip with other kids and at least one supervising
adult.  As they are leaving his house the parents warn everyone else to not
allow him to have any money, perhaps giving his spending money to the adult
to keep safe.  After a while he manages to get some money.  Once he does he
starts a series of lucrative money schemes and keeps multiplying his bank
roll.  I believe he charges people to milk cows and sells the milk, sells
either bottled air or pet rock or something similar, and opens some sort of
racetrack in a park where he rakes the profits.  Eventually he gets in
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Answer by sallievern on Sun 17, Sep 2017 03:54pm:
No Coins Please" by Gordon Korman
"Juniortours is an outfit that tours children around America during the
summer months. When Group Ambulance's Artie Geller, a precocious
11-year-old con artist from Montreal signs on, Rob and Dennis find they
have more than the usual summer job on their hands. From the streets of New
York City to the casinos of Las Vegas, Artie proves as slippery as ever.
First Scheme - New York City, NY. Artie sells grape jelly for $10 a jar
under the title "Attack Jelly". Makes his first fortune.
Second Scheme - Washington, DC. Artie buys a toy race track and convinces
senators, congressman and other government officials to place bets on the
toy cars. One Senator ends up losing all his money in the process.
Third Scheme - Ogallala, NE. Artie convinces the other boys to help him run
a "no-frills" milk store where he charges $1 a minute to milk a cow,
usually resulting in less than a teaspoon of milk. Makes thousands of
Fourth Scheme - Denver, CO. Artie disappears for several days. During this
time he transforms an abandoned pretzel factory into a world-class
discothèque visited by many prominent celebrities, then shuts it all down
and flees with over $60,000.
Fifth Scheme - Las Vegas, NV. Artie disguises himself as an old man and
takes tens of thousands of dollars apiece from nine different casinos. The
FBI catches him as he attempts to flee to Toronto with his winnings. They
eventually agree to drop all criminal charges in exchange for payment of
fines totaling $149,922.04
Final Scheme - Los Angeles, CA. Since Artie is now under FBI surveillance,
he convinces the other boys to carry out his five previous schemes

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Comment by mjavenger on Mon 11, Sep 2017 09:47pm:
Not sure how to mark this answered but you did it perfectly, thank you
so much!


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