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Question: girl gets kidnapped, loses her memory due to getting fingernails pulled out, finds boy who helps her eventually find her parents that were running away from someone

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Asked by georgia_2002 on Tue 12, Sep 2017 04:25am :
read this book about 2010. so, there's a girl who wakes up in a dark place
and she can hear men talking. she sees that her fingernails have been
pulled out. when she gets out of the place (can't remember how) she finds a
boy and she stays at his place for a while, and while she stays with him he
try's to help her find her parents. they go to the library and use the
computers to find out that she doesn't remember anything that happened
because her brain shut down due to the pain that was being caused. the boy
also helps her find her parents who are scientists (?) and are running away
from these bad people that got her
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