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Question: Young adult novel, kind of girly, teen book, depressinh

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Asked by bcalid on Wed 13, Sep 2017 12:22am :
I remember reading a book as a teenager, it was kind of sad. I believe it
had a white cover with something green on it.. A plant, bird, flower? Can't
remember. This would have been in the 2000's. 2011 or under. Basically it
was about a girl and she's growing up and distant from her grandparents,
and then the grandma is slowly losing her memory and has lied the whole
time about her life so she leaves her the real version in audio recordings.
I think the husband's name of the grandma was peter, I may be wrong, and
the young girl Hannah? Anyways, she has her husband shoot her and then him
because they lost the memories but her granddaughter gets to find out all
about her truly crazy life she had.
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