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Question: Black death, friends make a band, vampires, crazy concert with monsters, Ring around the Rosie nursery rhyme

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Asked by sleepyprincess on Wed 13, Sep 2017 09:58am :
I read the book between 2008/2009

The book starts out with the creepy "Rind around the rosie, pockets full of
posies, ashes, ashes we all fall down" BS song saying that it's about the
black plague.. In chapter one the guy (I think his name was Dan?) meets
this girl (Kat maybe?). There is a woman throwing her spouse's stuff out of
their apartment and is throwing out a Stafford guitar and the guy and girl
catch it with a tarp or whatever so it doesn't break. He walks the girl
home and they decide to share the guitar. Some time passes and the guy goes
to her house with his friend that plays the bass and her bedroom has egg
cartons all over the walls to sound proof it. The story goes around from
different perspectives of each of the friends. The girl's friend is really
sick and they think she got sick from her cat so her family has her shut in
away from everyone. She ends up being a vampire (from my understanding I'm
not 100%) and starts dating the guy (Dan) and they all form this band. They
discover a girl who plays "drums" in the subway station using buckets and
she joins the band. They are doing this huge concert at the end of the book
and these black wisps/smoke starts rising from under the stage once the
singer starts. The second guy forgets to play the Big Riff as they call it
for a few beats and finally joins in and I can't remember what happens
after that until they sign with a label and pick their band name. I think
the band name was the title of the book and it has "Three" in it, and the
title is three words if I remember correctly. PLEASE help me find this I've
been looking for years. 
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Comment by sleepyprincess on Wed 13, Sep 2017 10:20am:
by Scott Westerfield


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