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Question: read 2004 - 2010, Main C named Aidan, applies numbers to all things, medival monastery, love story with "11" girl

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Asked by zalmon135 on Wed 13, Sep 2017 01:28pm :
 I'm looking for a book that I read in middle school, so somewhere between
2004 - 2009, but I am not sure of it's age. The main character was named
Aidan or Aiden, im pretty sure, and he lived in a monastery where his dream
was to become a scribe and bible copier. Central was his quirk of applying
numbers to all things, sort of a kind of synestesia; he loved the 80-range
that inks came in and all people had personalities he applied a number to
between 1 and 10. Was predominantly a love story with admittedly Manic
Pixie Dream Girl type who was the only 11 (or 12?) personality he had ever
met. He found love to be a magical number representing nothing (set before
0 was introduced by middle eastern mathematicians). Not rush but it means a
great deal to me and my brother is synestetic and i think he would love it.
Thank you!
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Comment by sallievern on Wed 13, Sep 2017 06:30pm:
"The Humming of Numbers" by Joni Sensel
"In 10th-century Ireland, a
young novice with an unusual talent finds his cloistered world turned
upside-down when he and a bewitching girl encounter Viking raiders.
Seventeen-year-old Aiden is eager to take his monastic vows so he can
learn to copy scriptures and illuminate manuscripts. He has the unique
power to discern the “numbers humming from people and things,” which
sets him apart from everyone. When he meets Lana, illegitimate daughter
of the local lord, she hums the number 11, the highest human number
Aiden has ever encountered. Immediately attracted to Lana—who has powers
of her own—he fears she will be his undoing. The two are unexpectedly
drawn together after marauding Vikings attack the village and abbey,
killing, burning and pillaging. Suddenly on their own, Aiden and Lana
devise a desperate plan to rescue the remaining villagers by using their
magical gifts. Although improbable, the plot proves exciting even if
Aiden and Lana are all-too-obviously destined for one another. Teen love
in Dark Ages


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