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Question: Short story small book from apprx 1890 Re: child death and Rottweiler head cut off

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Asked by crazynurseguy1 on Wed 13, Sep 2017 08:44pm :
I have missplaced an Old and Scary " childrens horror type" short story
from apprx 1890. I found the book in an old 1800's house being torn down.
Illustrated with bright colors and there was a small child that was found
dead, in bed ( lots of blood) and I believe a cop in an old Bobby style
uniform, cuts the Rottweilers head off, at end. again, more blood in page
scene. It is in my storage, I just can't remember the title. small
hardbacked book, maybe 45 pages. Very scary if it is a kids terror story.
its on the tip of my tongue, just won't come to me.
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