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This question was answered on Tue 30, Jan 2007 12:29am by admin

Question: Satanic cult with weird staircase

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Asked by danielfitz on Mon 29, Jan 2007 11:54pm :
Way back in the 1960s, I read a paperback novel about a man who was
kidnapped off a New York City street by a Satanic cult.  He was taken to
the cult's lair where he was forced to walk up a weird moving staircase. 
Because he stepped on the wrong step, he became enslaved by Satan.  Can you
find this book for me?
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Answer by admin on Tue 30, Jan 2007 12:29am:

I believe that you're thinking of "Seven Footprints to Satan" by Abraham

The book is available from Amazon.com:

Various descriptions of the book:

"The story has an American explorer who breaks into a Satanic cult active
in New York City."

"The big gimmick here is that the bad guy's victims are forced to walk up a
mechanized staircase (with rotating steps), and if they place a foot
incorrectly they're put to an ignominious end."

" Kirkham is forced to play a game in Satan's lair, during which he is made
to tread on seven glowing footprints, four of which are "fortunate" and
three "unfortunate." Depending on the steps he lands on, he will either be
killed, serve Satan for a year, be given a fantastic fortune, etc."

"The most beautiful and powerful people in the world had bargained with the
Devil. They play Russian Roulette with seven footprints to world
domination--and lost. They had become subject to the Collector of Infernal
Revenue--Satan. The Master Player of games would glut his lust with souls
and gain world power through diabolical manipulations. But into his
collection comes James Kirkham, an American explorer determined to prove
that the steps are stacked."

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