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This question was answered on Mon 01, Aug 2011 01:26am by lib.rare.ian

Question: teen mystery 60s/70s books 2-3 sets brothers/sisters solving mysteries, horses, Lookout Mt. one last name Wren

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Asked by mystery lover on Sat 30, Jul 2011 02:13pm :
I read these books in the 60s or 70s. 2 to 3 set of teenaged brothers and
sisters solving mysteries.  Setting was Lookout Mt., don't know the state. 
They rode horses.  One last name was Wren. Can't remember the author or any
of the titles.
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Answer by lib.rare.ian on Mon 01, Aug 2011 01:26am:
There is a series of mystery books by Christine Noble Govan and Emmy Govan
West (mother and daughter) set on Lookout Mountain in Tennessee
(Chatanooga).The family names involved are Randall, Wren, and Cordell. 
1. Mystery at Shingle Rock 1955
2. Mystery at the Mountain Face 1956
3. Mystery at the Shuttered Hotel 1956
More info here:
4. Mystery at Moccasin Bend 1957
5. Mystery at the Indian Hide-Out 1957
6. Mystery of the Vanishing Stamp 1958
7. Mystery at the Deserted Mill 1958
8. Mystery at Haunted House 1959
9. Mystery at Plum Nelly 1959
10. Mystery at Fearsome Lake 1960
11. Mystery at Rock City 1960
12. Mystery at the Snowed-In Cabin 1961
13. Mystery of the Dancing Skeleton 1962
14. Mystery at Ghost Lodge 1963
15. Mystery at the Weird Ruins 1964
16. Mystery at the Echoing Cave 1965
Note: After book four, four members grow up and leave the series; the fifth
member starts a new club, the Lookout Club.

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Comment by mystery lover on Sun 31, Jul 2011 10:50am:
Thank you so much.  This sounds like the ones I am looking for.


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